Kluge-Luftfilter GmbH; Pittlerstr. 66-68; 63225 Langen
+49 (0) 6103/40458-0 kluge-filter@t-online.de


Kluge airfilters entwickelt/ has been developing/producing filter-technical components for more than 40 years to be used in air conditioning and ventilation units. Our standard product range comprises the domains of coarse filters, medium filters and fine dust filters.

Filters of the filter classes G1-G4, M5-M6, F6-F9 German Industrial Standard EN779:2012 and high efficiency submicron particulate airfilters of a higher quality are part of our procuct line.

We develop, construct and produce filters and devices designed to meet the demands of our customers to be built into existing filter units and new constructions. Our regular customers operate and maintain room, air and technical units in a variety of industrial domains.

Kluge airfilter products are exported and sold to all EU countries, Iceland, East Europe, the USA, Saudi-Arabia and more and more worldwide.

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