Kluge-Luftfilter GmbH; Pittlerstr. 66-68; 63225 Langen
+49 (0) 6103/40458-0 kluge-filter@t-online.de

Our History

  • 1968-1972
Kluge airfilters Ltd Commercial transactions with airfilters 1
  •  1972
Foundation of the Kluge-Luftfilter (airfilters) Ltd in 63225 Langen/Germany by graduate engineer Klaus Kluge Ltd for air technology 3
  • 1974-1978
Import of raw material and intermediate stuff from the USA. Importer for frame filters, travelator filters and pocket filters produced by Glasfloss Industries in Millersport/Ohio, USA 9
  • 1978
Moving into our own company premises in Langen, Pittlerstraße 66 with a production and warehouse area of 700 square meters and office area of 100 square meters. 12
  • 1978-1980
Development of our pocket filter production for standard and special sizes. Projectings and deliveries of filtration units and components for air units. 14
  • 1984
Purchase of our first pleating machine of 1”-6” for fleece cloths and wire tissues. Production of zigzag filter cells of G4 up to F6. Importer of airfilter components produced by Airguard Ind., Louisville Kentucky. 18
  • 1986
Importer of airfilter components produced by TRIDEM Virginia. 20
  • 1988
Purchase of a second Atwood’s machine of 1”-6” 22
  • 1989
Extension of our enterprise by addition of a warehouse of 600 square meters
  • 1990
Extension building for the production of pocket filters to enable us to produce filter pockets. Initial purchase of the first pillar ultrasound welding station. 24
  • 1991-1998
Installation of production units and machines designed to produce pocket filters welded by ultrasound. 26
  • 1999
Application for a patent on the TOP-Spate welding procedure. 28
  • 2000
Construction of an ultrasound welding machine for double layer pocket filters with a TOP-SPACE-DESIGN and an automatic cutting appliance. 30
  • 2001
An international PCT patent as well as US patents granted on TOP-SPACE® welding procedures.
  • 2001-2010
Production of pocket filters welded by ultrasound with an optimized TOP-SPACE-DESIGN. 34
  • 2010-2012
Extension building for the production of pocket filters with the installation of a third automatic welding machine together with an integrated heap device. 40
  • 2015
Certification of Kluge Luftfilter (airfilters) ltd according to the International Standards Organisation 9001:2008 46
  • 2016
Application for an international patent for the optimization of the fiter bag forms through the V lines TOP-SPACE®.